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Luxury Go Equipment Bargains

Kiseido is offering a special selection of luxury go equipment discounted from
the regular prices posted on our web site at .

These items are available only from Kiseido's head office in Japan.
Prices are posted in US dollars. Credit card orders will be charged
in Japanese yen at the current rate of exchange.

To order and discuss method of payment, please consult with our head office in Japan
by email at

Kaya Table Boards

Kaya is a special wood ideally suited for use as a go board together with shell and slate stones, as the wood is neither too hard nor too soft. It also has a beautiful golden-yellow color that mellows with age.

Kiseido has a limited number of 6-cm thick Kaya table boards that we can offer at a steep discount. Previously Kiseido sold these boards for $1,100, but due to special circumstances, for a limited time we can offer them at the special price of $825.00, including shipping.

Item Regular Price Special Price
B214: Kaya Table Go Board US$1,100 US$825.00

Shell & Slate Go Stones

Special Prices for
Shell & Slate Stones
Code Thickness Regular Price Special
S28J 7.5mm $300.00    $240.00     
S30J 8.0mm $360.00    $280.00     
S31J 8.4mm $410.00    $320.00     
S32J 8.8mm $490.00    $360.00     
S33J 9.2mm $570.00    $450.00     
S34J 9.5mm $620.00    $500.00     
S35J 9.8mm $670.00    $560.00     
S36J 10.1mm $780.00    $620.00     
S38J 10.7mm $870.00    $700.00     
S40J 11.3mm $1,240.00    $900.00     

For a limited time, Kiseido is offering a 10% discount off the special price of the shell & slate stones listed above, together with free shipping.

To order any of the above sets of stones, please consult with our head office in Japan by sending an email to

Note: Besides thickness, the white stones are classified into two grades: yuki and jitsuyo. Yuki stones have many grains which run straight across the top. Jitsuyo stones have either irregular or indistinct grain lines. For the regular prices of other grades and thicknesses, please go to Kiseido's go-equipment page at

Special Price for
Shell & Slate Stones
Code Thickness Regular Price Special
S36Y 10.1mm $1,550.00    $1,400.00     

Recently, Yuki-grade stones have been difficult to obtain, especially the thicker ones. However, Kiseido has managed to obtain the above set. The thickness of 10.1mm is probably the ideal size for a go stone, neither too thick nor too thin. This set of stones together with one of the pairs of keyaki or mulberry bowls below would aesthetically make for an ideal combination. The price includes free shipping.

Keyaki and Kaya Go Bowls

Item Regular Price         Discount         Price
T378L: Keyaki Go Bowls         US$340         US$280
T378EL: Keyaki Go Bowls         US$400         US$350

As can be seen from the image below, keyaki is a beautiful wood whose golden brown color is an excellent match with the color of kaya boards. The extra large bowls will hold up to 11.3mm-thick set of stones. T378L will hold up to 10.0mm-thick stones.


Item Regular Price         Discount         Price
T384EL: Kaya Go Bowls US$430 US$320

Kaya is the preferred wood for the finest go boards, but it is quite rare for this wood to be used for go bowls. The set here (above) was made to accommodate a set of shell and slate stones stones from 10.7 mm thick (S38) up to 11.3 mm thick (S40).    

10% off the discount price of the above bowls with free shipping.

Island Mulberry Bowls

The finest mulberry go bowls are carved from trees harvested on Mikura Island, part of an island chain bout 200 km south of Tokyo. Unfortunately, a volcano erupted on neighboring Miyake Island a few decades ago, so the trees there can no longer be harvested. Bowls from Mikura Island are highly prized by go-equipment connoisseurs. They have a reddish hue and one of their most appealing characteristics is that they glisten and change color as they are tilted in the light, highlighting their various grain patterns.

Tagami Sukeshiro was a famous artisan who was designated as a Japan National Treasure. He specialized in making bowls used in tea ceremony, but in the 1970s and 1980s, he crafted a number of go bowls made from Mikura Island mulberry. His "nom de plume" was Yoshiaki, the characters for which he carved on the back of each set of bowls he made. He died in the 1990s, well into his 90s.

Only three pairs of these bowls remain and Kiseido has obtained two pairs of them, which are shown in the images below. Each pair comes with a paulownia box in which they can be stored.

T383XL: Mikura Island Mulberry Bowls $2,100
These bowls will accommodate stones up to 10.7mm thick

T383L: Mikura Island Mulberry Bowls $1,900
These bowls will accommodate stones up to 9.8mm thick

Shipping charges are included in the price of Mikura Island bowls.
For details regarding these bowls, please send an email to Kiseido at

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To order and discuss method of payment, please consult with our head office in Japan
by email at

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